Safety First

Boatman Construction, LLC utilizes an aggressive program that is implemented on all projects to maintain safe practices with clients, employees, and the environment. Our Project Superintendents and Project Managers all possess thirty-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training in Construction Safety and Health (OSHA) certifications, as well as additional certifications in First Aid and CPR.

Our direct goal is to complete every project without an injury or risky mistake. Our program is included with every subcontract that is issued on a project and is the performance standard of our work.

In order to successfully comply with specific protocols and regulations, site specific programs are adhered to and we abide by the guidelines put forth by OSHA.


I’ve worked with Shane for almost 20 years as his safety consultant.  Shane is one of the first people to believe in me when I started my company so when he started Boatman Construction and once again asked me to be his Safety Consultant, I didn’t hesitate to help him in any way possible.  Working with Shane and his team has been nothing but positive.  Boatman Construction is a professional, loyal company that is committed to providing quality work and exceptional customer service.  Boatman Construction has implemented an effective safety program that is reinforced every single day on every single project.  Boatman Construction is committed to completing every project injury free because Shane cares about the people who work for him.

-Lee Hart, President: Safety By Design